Gooby Zip Up Fleece Vest Black

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Gooby Zip Up Fleece Vest Black

Why Dog Apparel?

You might not have realize this yourself, but besides from keeping yourself warm, you wear different clothes because it's a part of your identity and culture. Unquestionably, your dog is a huge part in all of that, and we get it. When it comes to making dog apparel for your dearest furry child, we pride ourselves on sticking to these four principles: comfort, functionality, style, and simplicity.

Why Zip Up Fleece Vest?

For some dogs, it is nearly impossible to put on a pullover vest. Maybe your pooch is overly excited, or maybe it is just sensitive or fearful of having something put over its head. Whatever the case may be, it is ok. The step-in style apparel solves all that. Our Zip Up Fleece Vest is a step-in version of our popular Fleece Vest. It's super simple to put on. All it takes to put it on is having your furry friend step-in. And you zip-up. And done. It can be worn for all-day comfort and warmth and it also comes with two leash attachments for extra convenience so you don't need to put on an extra harness. With 7 different sizing options, it can fit dogs up to 50 lbs.

Note: Size 2XL & 3XL do not have D-rings in the back for safety reasons.

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