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Raw Food Information/Education

INTRODUCTION:  Our pet's health is not something to take lightly!!  We love our pets.  They are members of our family.  Therefore, their health and wellbeing are as important to us as our own.  However, we have been conditioned to believe that dogs and cats should receive a kibble diet that has been carefully formulated (and that it has :-/) to provide our pets with everything they need in a bowl full of convenient kibbles.  This conditioning is no different than that of the processed foods we have been told are quick, convenient and nourishing for us, as humans.  These processed foods are convenient, affordable and easy and, therefore, our first food of choice in today's day and age.  However, I am a firm believer that we pay now or pay later.  We may be saving time and money, now, by purchasing kibble food, for our pets, but we are certain to pay later with more frequent veterinary visits due to premature health issues and/or diseases that our pets incur from the additives and preservatives that are being added to this diet.  Don't get me wrong, I'm sure you have researched to find the brand that you believe is best for their health.  However, while these foods are sustaining their lives they are simply not providing them with the vitamins and nutrients they need to thrive!! As a matter of fact, these foods are receiving more frequent recalls and more and more research is being done to prove the long term negative effect they have on our pets health.  It is because of this that more and more pet owners are transitioning their pets to raw food.  Raw food diets are as nature if they still lived in the wild and had to forge for food on their own.  However, transitioning them into a raw diet needs to be carefully planned, researched and implemented in order to ensure our pet receives everything they need to survive.  It is not as simple as throwing kibble in a bowl and walking away.  Your pet requires a balance of vitamins and nutrients, just as you do, in order to maintain an optimal health.  This page is to not only to educate you on the topic of RAW FEEDING but also to provide you with educational resources that will provide you with the knowledge you need in order to provide your pet with the same unconditional love that they provide you with.  Our domestic pets are 100% reliant on us for food and shelter.  Therefore, their wellbeing should be nurtured from nature. This page will be updated on an ongoing basis with more and more resources for you to expand your knowledge in bettering and/or sustaining your pet's optimal health.